Cloud Based Medical Reporting System

Securely linked Radiologist and referring facility accounts that make report request, generation, retrieval and storage seamless and efficient.

Don't be tied to your office. Explore the freedom and mobility LaraRad has to offer.

What is LaraRad?

For the Radiologist, LaraRad is a HIPAA compliant, affordable, cloud-based platform for report generation, delivery, storage and tracking.

For the Facility, LaraRad is a HIPAA compliant, simple cloud-based, report request and delivery system.

Low Cost and Flat Fee Pricing

Flat fees are based on radiologist’s volume. No set up or cancellation fees. NO cost to referring facilities.

HIPAA Compliance

Securely linked radiologist and facility accounts. Eliminates the need for encrypted emails and paper faxes.

Enhances Radiologist Mobility

100% Web based. Freedom to work from any computer remotely without having to connect via VPN or other connection.

Increased Efficiency

Automatic population of patient demographics, study type with description and history into report template. Monthly facility totals are generated with the click of a button.

Off-Site Backup in the Cloud

In the event of a disaster your patient reports will be safe and easily recoverable. Reports can easily be printed or saved as a PDF.

Many standard features

Convenient use friendly interface. Personalized Radiologist Logo on report header.

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